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Bees Gone Wild

June 8, 2013 (Day 29)

Bee activity between the two hives has certainly synched up.  But Wednesday afternoon I noticed a tremendous amount of activity around the two hives.  The girls were going nuts.  It was nice outside, in the 80’s and somewhat overcast.  Tons of bees were outside the hives flying and buzzing around like crazy.  I was afraid that maybe they were preparing to swarm.  But no swarms occurred.  As the evening fell, they settled down and went back into their hives.  They’ve been fine since.

Of course I had to get it on video…

Bees Rescued from Fallen Tree

Here’s a fascinating and inspirational video made by and of University of Tennessee Beekeepers saving a huge colony of bees from a fallen beech tree. Very cool glimpse of bees in their natural habitat and how it was converted to fit a manmade hive.

Gotta love YouTube!