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DIY Frame Hanger

By removing 2 or 3 frames from the box, I can easily space out the other frames, allowing me to remove, inspect, then slide them back in with less risk of rolling or squishing bees. The question is, where do you set those first few frames when they’re covered from top to bottom in bees?

I recalled several YouTube videos that showed beekeepers hanging the frames between two extended bars that attached to the boxes. I turned to my brilliant hubster to conjure up a homemade frame hanger that I could use during my inspections. Sure enough, after flipping through catalogs and watching a few videos, the hubster took off to Home Depot to buy some parts and came home to build my frame hanger.


His concept is simple and works perfectly. It consists of a 2×4 piece of wood the same width as the frame, 2 large utility hooks (like the ones used to hang bicycles), and two metal brackets that slide onto the side of the box. The hanger comfortably holds 3-4 frames – enough to free up some space – then lifts off to be hung on the next box. It is now a must-have tool in my bee inspection tool kit.

Best of all, he found two great beekeeping “build your own” websites for beehives, jigs, boards, covers, honey extractors and more. The links are below and I’ll add them to my Beekeeping DIY links list.

Bee Source
Beehive Journal

Do you build your own bee hives and equipment? What are your sources for plans and instructions? Leave a comment and share!