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Gardening with the Bees

July 4, 2013 (Day 55)

The Monarchy Overseeing the Garden's Welfare

I walked up this morning and admired how well the garden is growing.  Another unforeseen benefit of having bees.

The hives sit high, allowing the girls to oversee their abundant kingdom of greenery.  My role in the garden is to plant, pull a few weeds, ensure there’s adequate water, and the bees do the rest.  I’m happy to hand it over to them.  Working in tandem with Mother Nature, they are doing a beautiful job.

I can’t remember the garden ever being this fruitful this early.  Cucumbers are growing in mass numbers.  Not the odd shaped, uneven cucumbers we’ve had in the past, but long, even, heavy cukes that come from good pollination.  Each day I pick 3 or 4 zucchini squash, and clusters of tomatoes will be ripe and ready to pick in the next week or two.



I’ve learned in life that you get what you give.  So I try to give the bees plants that they’ll enjoy.  Sure they visit the buds on tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and zucchini.  But I also keep a large collection of herbs that we’ll both enjoy, like mint, cilantro, lavender, thyme, and sage.  They even have a plot of clover set aside safe from the mower.


Nasturtiums and marigolds are planted within the hives’ view.



And a sea of blooming plumbago is only a few feet and a few days away.


I never considered bees when planting my flowerbeds and garden, but I’m happy that my choices have worked in their favor.  And in mine.  Gardening is now a partnership.  The girls and I have our separate roles and responsibilities and we share the rewards.

To think that large industries pay lots of money for pollination, and I have it free in my own backyard.

Waking Up to the Bees

Every morning I wake up and go outside to visit my bees. Same when I come home. The girls are doing well, enjoying their time without rain. I find myself walking through the yard noticing everything that flies, and taking particular note of the plants and shrubs that girls are buzzing around.

Right now we have large purple blossoms on our sage. However, the bumble bees spend more time around the sage than our honey bees. Something I never would have noticed before. And the evergreens have small white flowers that keep the girls buzzing. They especially like the blossoming bushes that line the back of our yard. I never noticed those before either.

I’m grateful that we picked such a good location for the hives. Facing the garden and surrounded by blossoming bushes, veggies and flowers. Lots of foraging going on. We’re hoping for a good veggie crop this year with all of the free pollination.

More rain tomorrow. The girls will be disappointed but the garden will be happy.