The “Honey” Report

A business trip took me away from the bees this past week. Adding a new box was a big deal and I was anxious to know how they’d progress. Since I couldn’t be here, I had to depend on my Honey – the hubster – for a full bee report.

When I decided to take on this venture, he made it pretty clear that, although he would support me, this was my venture. He would stand and observe from afar, back off the sidelines using what seemed like a 12 inch camera lens. Now he walks up within a few inches of bee covered frames (no gloves or gear) to take close-up shots with his iPhone. Don’t believe me? His new IPhone cover pic no longer shows beer – it shows our bees. If you know my hubster and his love of beer and brewing, then you’d understand the significance of this action.

I couldn’t be more thrilled about his growing interest in what he now calls “our” bees. This change has been completely on his own terms, of course. I was especially grateful that he’d kept an eye on them and offered regular status updates while I was away. He even lifted the top covers and checked their feeding situation. That’s progress!

It was good to hear that the girls were doing well. Oddly, where the green hive had been much more active before, the yellow hive is now the more active hive. The temps also turned to the 90’s, very hot and humid. Before the hive expansions, this would have caused the bees to cluster on the hive front. That’s not happening now. Hopefully because they have more space, better ventilation, and lots more work to do. But I shall dig into the matter (literally) this weekend to verify!

Until then, enjoy this short clip of the girls at work…

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